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How it works
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ProppU helps renovators, contractors and construction companies eliminate process inefficiencies and idle time, reduce the number of unprofitable deals and unfair competition enabling transparent operations and smooth communication between all stakeholders.

Proppu is an online, web-based software accessible anywhere, anytime.

With these tools, you can acquire, sign, manage and document your contracts easily. Contract calculations and project management is made easy: You can respond to quote requests, coordinate work and materials, track progress in real time, send and receive invoices, and order material conveniently from the marketplace.

All in one business toolbox

For a fixed monthly fee, Proppu offers digital tools including quote, contract and invoice templates, project and resource planning and management tools. Proppu is a combined ERP and CRM system enabling you to digitalize your operations, customer database and integrating invoicing directly to your local accounting system. The digital tools are available for your use as is, combined with the external marketplace platform, or an entirely customized in-house solution.

Offers and quotes

  • Create and publish new offers
  • Create new quotes and send them directly to your customers
  • Use the templates and workflows for the marketplace stakeholders and your own customers


  • Create a new contract based on the agreed terms and conditions in the offer
  • Accept, terminate and manage all your contracts in one same place.
  • Use transparent, straightforward contract management to avoid misunderstandings and claims
  • Add or modify the terms and conditions of the contracts during the project and have these electronically signed and approved by the client

Project and resource management

  • Plan, budget and organize your projects including material sourcing and work scheduling
  • Communicate, document and track the progress of your projects with automated check points and employee reports
  • Communicate the status of your projects with external customers
  • Manage your resources in one system, including material and work, whether your own or your partner’s


  • All documents, reports and conversations in one place
  • Automated project reporting tools


  • Create automated invoices based on your contracts
  • Create new invoices for additional resources needed
  • Manage all invoices in one place
  • Add and archive all receipts in one place

Accounting and finance

  • Integrate an accounting and book-keeping system in cooperation with our partners
  • Financial reporting, payroll and other services available for an additional fee
  • Seek funding for your projects


In addition to the digital tools, ProppU offers a Marketplace platform where you can offer your services for consumers and businesses. The marketplace also enables centralized material purchases from selected suppliers- a cost-effective approach where you benefit from bulk purchases and discounts. You can request offers for material on the platform for free.

Material manufacturers and retailers can offer their selection, send you a proposal and respond to your direct inquiries. You as a customer can then select the best offer. Proppu serves as a platform that connects supply and demand, however, the platform is not responsible of the sold goods nor the payments made via the platform.

In the marketplace you can

  • Invite for tenders
  • Receive offers for work or material
  • Select the best offer for you
  • Offer your services and take part in tenders
  • Review and respond to inquiries


Choose the service that better suits your needs

BasicPremiumDigital business tools for your useAccess to the marketplace where you can sell your productsWe respond to your customer inquiries-Additional marketing via our digital channels-29€ / month199€ / month

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